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Real-life tales of triumph, bliss and zen from the Quantum Jumping community

Nothing speaks for Quantum Jumping better than success stories from our graduates. We have received hundreds of raving reviews and have indexed them in this section for you. Take a moment to browse through our user experiences below.

We continue to receive thank you letters from customers on a daily basis so if you would like to dive into the world of personal development through the power of your mind, we are confident that you too will become one of our raving fans.

Quantum Jumping Live Experience, San Diego, October 2011

This is what our community has to say

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received below are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product. The generally expected performance of the Quantum Jumping program in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

“Was Thrilled With The Ability To Cross All Of The Universes”

“I originally purchased the program to help me break through things in my life that I wanted to change, remove or reevaluate. Also to create direction for my life that would allow me to live my life on my terms, instead of being in fear of what was happening ‘out there’, like the economy or the healthcare crisis.

I have been exposed to and used various techniques for many years. I just lacked or didn’t understand how to pull all these pieces of information together into a cohesive program. At first, I looked at the program as a delightful meditation, but soon found that the application was far more inclusive than I realized. I have been able to apply the program to many facets of my life. Including manifesting a new career, financial clarity, a whole new community of like minded people that I really enjoy their company. And the portion I really was thrilled with the ability to cross all of the universes and begin to utilize those skills and information I only intuited were available to me. Thank you for sharing this fabulous program. And having the forethought to save it for the time it was intended.”

Robbie Agnew – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Robbie Agnew

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I So Look Forward To Meeting My Doppelganger Again And Again”

“My primary goal for using Quantum Jumping was to meld my energy with an alternative ‘self’, to increase my vibration. I have participated in only two of the meditations… and the changes in me have been far more than subtle! Please do not misunderstand, I have been ‘working’ on myself for two decades, with thousands of hours of reading, watching CD’s and DVD’s and then combined many energy sessions, practicing various meditations, regression therapy and cranial sacrel work.

Whew! All of those tools were helpful and led me to here. And then this wonderful gentleman appeared out of no where, as they say. After my first of Burt Goldman’s meditations, I felt that all was well, actually more like super well! After the second, my attitude is more of a knowing what my true potential is. I so look forward to “meeting” my doppelganger again and again… and again. Thank you Mr. Goldman! I would most definitely recommend Quantum Jumping to my friends and I have did it.”

Dixie – Experiences with Quantum Jumping


Bradenton, FL

“Easy & Affordable”

“My goal for using Quantum Jumping is to gather all the information I can about using our Innate creativity to solve issues in our lives, whether emotional, physical, or financial. I am an Acupuncturist. I implement The BodyTalk System and Matrix Energetics into my treatments. Quantum Jumping has shown me wonderful techniques to use with my patients!! This is an easy, affordable way for all of us to take personal responsibility in changing our life’s circumstances for the better. Thank you Mr. Goldman!! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone! I love Burt Goldman’s teachings!!”

Darlene Carswell – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Ellie Shira, San Diego

“Meeting him in person has blown my mind…”

Ellie Shira, San Diego

“It Had Recently Brought Me In Contact With A Long Lost Part Of Me”

“I wanted to improve my skills in the psychic realm. I always look out for new ways to learn and grow. The idea of seeking inspiration and guidance in other realities has been one of my favorites for life. Doing Burt’s version of this has added more clarity and clearer perception to my experiences in the inner realms. It had recently brought me in contact with a long lost part of me, giving me a kind of guidance that has changed my approach to my current profession in a very positive way.

Burt’s Quantum Jumping is a safe and bullet-proof way of getting absolute and crystal clear information from the parts of your being that normally comes to your mind as very vague and hardly noticeable inner visions or inner audios. I like Burt’s work a lot; it is clear, right on and usable. Everyone interested can get so much more of the quality of life they seeks by doing these techniques.”

Lars Christensen – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Lars Christensen


“My Health Is Improving Since I Started Quantum Jumping”

“My life has been exciting most of the time, until the year 2010. Oh! I’ve had my ups and downs but thanks to positive thinking books that I read back in the early 70’s and using the principles to live by. I got by and enjoyed living. Then came 2011 and a number of health problems that affected my vocals and breathing. For 30 weeks I suffered. At that time I found Burts website and read about Quantum Jumping.

I wasn’t sure about it; I’ve always had an open mind to new ideas or other ways at looking at things. Life got in the way, and I was pulled away into other things. Then in July I had a dream. I found myself in another existence, and I was talking to a different me. A me, who jumped into other realities, who learnt from other parts of himself. I was told forcefully to do Dimension Transference. I had never heard of it. I woke up and the dream stayed with me.

Day after day, I could not get the experience out of my head. I was surfing the net one evening and came across Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping. IT HIT ME. THIS WAS THE ANSWER. I have purchased the system and my life is changing before me. Health is better. My positive thinking is back with a feeling of joy. Thanks Burt. I’m making a lot of new friends and they are all me. Me, in different realities. I have also started painting pictures again and I seem to be hundreds of times better at it than I was when I was younger. People say I should sell my work. Guess what? I’m doing just that and it is going to work. Another me told me so. I believe that you have to be in the right frame of mind to understand this method of communication. I would definitely recommend Burt’s Quantum Jumping Experience.”

Christopher Graham – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Christopher Graham


“It’s A Beautiful Relaxing Journey”

“I really enjoyed the Quantum Jumping program and it really cleared many questions to me. Since I was a child I used to see visions of future events which could not be explained nor understood. When these visions used to appear to me before I sleep, honestly I used to think that I had a mental illness. But after hearing Burt’s lectures by chance, I immediately bought the CD’s and it was a relief. I felt that I am not insane anymore but gifted and I have to appreciate my visions and not to run from it. My only problem is that I am not being able to hear the voices of the people or the place; I have clear visions including symbols but completely mute. I recommend everyone to try the Quantum Jumping because it’s a beautiful relaxing journey not to miss which can help him or her in their lifes.”

Alia Beydoun – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Alia Beydoun


“Quantum Jumping Helped Me To Help Others!”

“I am fundamentally an achiever and a successful, contended person. I needed and was looking for a catalyst to take me to roaring levels of achievement. Being a spiritualist, a daily twice meditator, and a proficient astral traveller, I took to Quantum Jumping as a fish would take to water. It has begun to work wonders.

Only last evening, I could help (from London) a dear one in the Middle East suffering severe pain following a critical surgery, using the ‘dwaddle’ over Skype. She went to sleep immediately and woke up this morning with the pain gone! She went to work and reported to be more energetic than ever in a month since the surgery. I am very choosy. Because, it must reach the right people at the right time in their lives for the right reasons they seek in life. I don’t want to recommend the program to sceptics. Only those who are blessed and have opted out of their bad karmas can truly benefit by this wonderful gift of GOD quite simply the most powerful tool ever known to man!”

Ashok Bala Rajanan – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Ashok Bala Rajanan


“It went straight to the heart…”

Ashley McKenna, San Diego

“There Is Nothing Like It On The Planet”

“My goal was to improve in all areas of my life. Specifically in creative, financial and physical well being aspects of my life. I was able to utilize Burt’s program to create vast improvements in these areas. Because of that, I would recommend and have recommended Quantum Jumping to anyone who is seeking improvement in any area of their life. This is an amazing program and as far as I know there is nothing like it on the planet I think Quantum Jumping and the other products Burt has created are a powerful tool for anyone who wants to enhance and improve their life. Burt has a way of getting to the heart of things in an easy, friendly manner. This allows you to follow along and learn in comfort at your own pace.”

David Little – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

David Little

Vancouver,B.C., Canada

“Possibilities Beyond Your Wildest Expectations”

“After receiving Mindbox 1 and learning more about Burt Goldman’s work, I got excited. His teachings are simple and easy to learn. When Quantum Jumping got out, I had to have it. It over exceeded my expectations. It is amazing! As any other material of his, it is simple and easy to understand. Having an open mind helps as well. I started to use it to improve my intuition in my work as an EFT practitioner (meridian tapping), so I could connect with my clients on a deeper level.

It has helped me take my sessions to the next level in helping my clients. I highly recommend anyone to take Quantum Jumping to the test. Having your own personal experience with this technique is what’s going to show you possibilities beyond your wildest expectations. Of all of the American Monk products, I have tested Mindbox 1 and 2, which I also love. My favorite as of now is Quantum Jumping and I still have so much more to explore. It is an ongoing adventure. Thank you Burt Goldman.”

Mary Madeline Day – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Mary Madeline Day

Hawthorne, Florida

“It was absolutely worthwhile…”

Jerry Gerard, San Diego

“A Truly Enlightening Experience”

“My main goal for using Quantum Jumping was to get to a stage of writing a book – something I’ve always wanted to do. I jumped through the doorway and visited myself, a hugely successful author. We talked and he gave the information I needed to start writing. We even discussed things like finding a publisher when the book is nearly written. It was a fascinating experience, unlike anything I have done before. It has given me the courage, strength and knowledge to proceed with the writing process, something I have now started. The energy is there and I really feel wonderful about this project. I have asked could I visit again and the answer was that I am able to visit him any time I wish. A truly enlightening experience… I would recommend Quantum Jumping to anyone who wished to have,I will use the term inside knowledge, and experience that will open their eyes to the possibility af gaining knowledge about themselves and what they wish to accomplish. Quantum Jumping is the first major work of The American Monk that I have experienced although I have some small works that I have gained through the 7 lessons of The American Monk. In all probability this experience of The American Monk’s work will not be my last.”

Stan Walters – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Stan Walters

Western Australia, Australia

“Restore Calm And Eliminate Fear From My Life”

“I first started reading Neale Donald Walsh, then Paramhansa Yogananda; both of these writers shook my beliefs and left me with the burning desire to learn more. Then, I came across Burt’s works and noticed that he too was a student of Yogananda. I have benefited from the course in Quantum Jumping with meditating, focusing on the tasks at hand, and knowing that I can control fear. Having a staunch childhood religious up-bringing, I left all of that in the early nineties. Finding a basis for my beliefs did not congeal until I had taken some courses through Lionheart Institute in addition to the readings heretofore mentioned. I thank Burt and his program for helping me to formulate a foundation for my beliefs and the importance of my life in helping others. When presented with problems of work, family, money, whatever it may be; I can resort to my Quantum Jumping techniques to restore calm and eliminate fear from my life. This has further infused me with the knowledge that I am important to my Creator, that the mind is a tool to be used in establishing peace and happiness. My original goal was to learn the technique of Kriya Yoga; I thought this would be a stepping stone to that. Though not revealed entirely in Quantum Jumping, I feel as though I get little snippets of the techniques. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and information that you have supplied. I have used the questioning, “What would your life be like if”, supplied in Burt’s writings to help a handful of people. To see major changes in people because they desire the change is an essential component to my happiness. This has occurred in the past 4-5 months. I hope to be instrumental in helping desiring people to effectively make changes in their lifestyle and place contented smiles upon their faces…. for years to come. I even bought it for my son. Turning 31, I see him making the same kind of empty mistakes that I made when I was his age. Trapped in ego without realizing there was a much better way, I thought I could alleviate some of the heartaches he might encounter by supplying him with higher knowledge. Knowledge that is really embedded within our very being. Meditation is the key to going within, thereby equipping us to go with-out! Getting him into the meditation process, like Quantum Jumping, will spill over into all phases of his journey on earth. That’s why I recommend it and use it; Calming the mind has benefited me in my health, mental peace, elimination of worry, finding the blessings or gems from all experiences in life. This was important for me to learn after my youngest son completed his earthly journey at the age of 19. The gift was, I had been blessed with his presence for 19 years. They were Great!! I can only state this from my perspective and what it has done for me. My observation about life is; at sometime along your path, there will be questions burning within your soul asking for an explanation. They can only be answered by you, the answers resonating with your truth. That’s what all of my readings have led me to; meditation. I embrace the Quantum Jumping technique as that which trains and refines my meditation. I especially like the ‘Spring of Wellness’. It is truly a rejuvenating experience. Thanks Burt.”

Keith Creel – Experiences with Quantum Jumping

Keith Creel

San Antonio, Texas

“The best seminar I have ever attended…”

Sherriann Lucero, San Diego

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