Quantum Jumping Success Stories

Parallel Universes Success Stories

What would you say if I told you that you had the ability to jump into parallel universes to meet alternate versions of yourself whom which you can seek advice and guidance from? You might think I was a bit “out there.” But I assure you, that is exactly what Quantum Jumping allows you to do.

Burt’s Quantum Jumping course is jammed packed full of powerful visualization and meditation techniques that help guide you to a place of extreme clarity and truth.

Read the customer experiences below to find out what they have learned through Quantum Jumping to parallel universes.

In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received below are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our product. The generally expected performance of the Quantum Jumping program in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.

We continue to receive thank you letters from customers on a daily basis so if you would like to dive into the world of personal development through the power of your mind, we are confident that you too will become one of our raving fans.

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I Love Burt's View Of Life

My life has changed dramatically over the last few years, having had breast cancer, a divorce, a move, death of a parent, etc. I have worked hard to pull myself up and out even before purchasing Quantum Jumping. I found it simple, informative, and hopeful. But I am no better for it, although I am not in a bad place by no means. My health is improved as is my appearance, I have become a Health Counselor, I bought a townhouse I believe I got through Law of Attraction and setting my intention because the odds were against me that i could pull it off. Financially, things have been smooth, I will revisit the CDs, finding them valuable. As I said, it is valuable, I would recommend it because I love Burt's view of life.

Boy, Do I Love My Doppelganger

I love anything metaphysical. I came with no expectations. I purchased Quantum Jumping because it kept appearing everywhere I went on the web. I couldn't shake it. It kept popping up. When this happens, I know it is the Universe's way of telling me that this is something I need to investigate. So, I finally caved in when Burt made a super-generous offer, and away I went! My very first jump was unexpected. I couldn't come up with something I wanted to do fast enough when Burt was proceeding with the hypnosis. So, I just jumped! I landed back at an old boyfriend's house. I was very young when we met and I left because I felt he had some mental problems that were severe. He swore he would never marry another if I wouldn't marry him. To, this day, he has not married and that left me feeling guilty. When I jumped back, I saw myself as very depressed, sad, and fearful. My old boyfriend had become possessive and refused "me" to even leave the house. It was a horrible situation. The "me" there whispered the word RUN! - and I did! I jumped right back to the doorway, where I was safe. I no longer feel guilty. It's like a weight, that I was not aware I was carrying, has been lifted off my shoulders! I recommend it to everyone who will listen. I have loved every jump! Some have great info, and some absolutely nothing but a good time. Still, it is a fascinating concept that cannot hurt you and can only help, with a little practice and patience.

Susan McNeil,
United States - Tennessee
Possibilities Beyond Your Wildest Expectations

After receiving Mindbox1 and learning more about Burt Goldmans work, I got excited. His teaching are simple and easy to learn. When Quantum Jumping got out, I had to have it. It over exceeded my expectations. It is amazing! As any other material of his, it is simple and easy to understand. Having an open mind helps as well. I started to use it to improve my intuition in my work as an EFT practitioner (meridian tapping), so I could connect with my clients on a deeper level. It has helped me take my sessions to the next level in helping my clients. I highly recommend anyone to take Quantum Jumping to the test. Having your own personal experience with this technique is what's going to show you possibilities beyond your wildest expectations. Of the American Monk products, I have tested Mindbox 1 and 2, which I also love. My favorite as of now is Quantum Jumping and I still have so much more to explore. It is an ongoing adventure. Thank You Burt Goldman. Much Love and Blessings to you and yours, Mary Madeline Day

Mary Madeline Day,
Hawthorne, Florida
Was Thrilled With The Ability To Cross All Of The Universes

I originally purchased the program to help me break through things in my life that I wanted to change, remove or reevaluate. Also to create direction for my life that would allow me to live my life on my terms, instead of being in fear of what was happening "Out there" Like the economy or Healthcare Crisis. I have been exposed to and used various techniques for many years. I just lacked or didn't understand how to pull all these pieces of information together into a cohesive program. At first, I looked at the program as a delightful meditation, but soon found that the application was far more inclusive than I realized. I have been able to apply the program to many facets of my life. Including manifesting a new career, financial clarity, a whole new community of like minded people that I really enjoy their company. And the portion I really was thrilled with the ability to cross all of the universes and begin to utilize those skills and information I only intuited were available to me. Thank you for sharing this fabulous program. And having the forethought to save it for the time it was intended.

Robbie Agnew,
Salt Lake City, Utah
I Have Gained Confidence To Pick Up Girls

My goal for using Quantum Jumping is to live my life to my full potential & increase the many talents I have. So far I have gained huge confidence in one part of my life. That was the confidence to pick up girls & go for what I want. The Bagha is also really awesome. I use it every day. Not only that, I love that I can instantly reach Alpha now. I set up conscious source foundations all the time & they work! I would definitely recommend it to someone else who is open to it because Burt put so much more in those CD's than was expected. His information can be a part of your everyday life in every aspect of your life. I love it. THANK YOU BURT!! You're The BEST.

Diego Carranza,
Long Beach CA
My Health Is Improving Since I Started Quantum Jumping

My life has been exciting most of the time, until the year 2010. Oh! I've had my ups and downs but thanks to positive thinking books that I read back in the early 70's and using the principles to live by. I got by and enjoyed living. Then came 2011 and a number of health problems that effected my vocals and breathing. For 30 weeks I suffered. At that time I found Burts website and read about Quantum Jumping. I wasn't sure about it, I've always had an open mind to new ideas or other ways at looking at things. Life got in the way, and I was pulled away into other things. Then in July I had a dream. I found myself in another existence, and I was talking to a different me. A me, who jumped into other realities, who learnt from other parts of himself. I was told forcefully to do Dimension Transference. I had never heard of it. I woke up and the Dream stayed with me. Day after day, I could not get the experience out of my head. I was surfing the net one evening and came across Burt Goldman's Quantum Jumping. IT HIT ME. THIS WAS THE ANSWER. I have purchased the system and my life is changing before me. Health is better. My positive thinking is back with a feeling of joy. Thanks Burt. I'm making a lot of new friends and they are all me. Me, in different realities. I have also started painting pictures again and I seem to be hundreds of times better at it than I was when I was younger. People say I should sell my work. Guess, what? I'm doing just that and it is going to work. Another me told me so. I believe that you have to be in the right frame of mind to understand this method of communication. I would definitely recommend Burt's Quantum Jumping Experience.

Easy & Affordable

My goal for using Quantum Jumping is to gather all the information I can about using our Innate creativity to solve issues in our lives, whether emotional, physical, or financial. I am an Acupuncturist. I implement The BodyTalk System and Matrix Energetics into my treatments. Quantum Jumping has shown me wonderful techniques to use with my patients!! This is an easy, affordable way for all of us to take personal responsibility in changing our life's circumstances for the better. Thank you Mr. Goldman!! I would Absolutely recommend it to anyone! I love Burt Goldman's teachings!!

Darlene Carswell,
Fort Myers, Florida
My Life Has Become More Focused

My goal was to reach a new level of awareness and to improve my meditative techniques. Thanks to the Quantum Jumping course, My life has become more focused and my mood more accepting of others and their personal issues. It is time for me to revisit the course and refresh myself on the knowledge presented there. I use the bagha to center myself when I am stressed and to focus on the more pleasant things in life, and yes, I do use it to find good parking spaces and it has not failed me, yet. I repeat often "every day in every way I am getting better and better" and I am. I also repeat "this is all I have to do to make my dreams come true” and it is. The power of the mind to attract what we want and need is amazing. By using the techniques Burt has offered in Quantum Jumping I have been able to move forward, with a positive motion, in my life. Some might say that these are subtle changes but indeed they are very powerful. Attitude is everything and these techniques have improved my attitude in every way. I would recommend Quantum Jumping to anyone who truly wants to change or tweak their viewpoint on life and for those who are passionate about achieving a certain goal for themselves I love all of Burt's teachings. I often just pick any meditation to unwind and each offers me a fresh outlook on that part of my life.

Sherry Heim,
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Make Taking This Course Your Highest Priority Of Your Day

I bought your Quantum Jumping course to learn how to use the knowledge I gained from the Edgar Cayce group (ARE), the Secret and from the Wallace D Waddles manuscript the Science of Getting Rich and put it into practice, which through all my efforts was progressing slowly. I was able to create loving and trusting relationships in my life, which I truly am grateful for however. My progress to achieve and live a life of wealth and abundance was escaping me and maybe my internal dialogue was that that life was always for someone else other than myself. Quantum Jumping has provided me the vehicle to really know that that life is right at my fingertips. I see and feel the progress and improvements in programming my mind to control and direct my thoughts to what ever ends I desire. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend this to my friends - AND HAVE DONE SO MANY TIMES. As I told a dear friend of mine the other day - Make taking this course your highest priority of your day, and we will no longer be having these conversations of your fears.

Dee E Hoffman,
Lake Conroe, TX
“ It had recently brought me in contact with a long lost part of me”

I wanted to improve my skills in the psychic realm. I always look out for new ways to learn and grow. The idea of seeking inspiration and guidance in other realities has been one of my favorites for life. Doing Burt's version of this has added more clarity and clearer perception to my experiences in the inner realms. It had recently brought me in contact with a long lost part of me, giving me a kind of guidance that has changed my approach to my current profession in a very positive way. Burt's Quantum Jumping is a safe and bullet proof way of getting absolute and crystal clear information from the parts of your being that normally comes to your mind as very vague and hardly noticeable inner visions or inner audios. I like Burt's work a lot, it is clear, right on and usable. Everyone interested can get so much more of the quality of life they seeks by doing these techniques.

Lars christensen,
A Truly Enlightening Experience

My main goal for using Quantum Jumping was to get to a stage of writing a book, something I've always wanted to do. I jumped through the doorway and visited myself, a hugely successful author. We talked and he gave the information I needed to start writing. We even discussed things like finding a publisher when the book is nearly written. It was a fascinating experience, unlike anything I have done before. It has given me the courage, strength and knowledge to proceed with the writing process, something I have now started. The energy is there and I really feel wonderful about this project. I have asked could I visit again and the answer was that I am able to visit him any time I wish. A truly enlightening experience... I would recommend Quantum Jumping to anyone who wished to have,I will use the term inside knowledge, and experience that will open their eyes to the possibility af gaining knowledge about themselves and what they wish to accomplish. Quantum Jumping is the first major work of The American Monk that I have experienced although I have some small works that I have gained through the 7 lessons of The American Monk. In all probability this experience of The American Monk's work will not be my last.

Stan Walters,
Western Australia AUSTRALIA
There Is Nothing Like It On The Planet

My goal was to improve in all areas of my life. Specifically in creative, financial & physical well being aspects of my life. I was able to utilize Burt's program to create vast improvements in these areas. Because of that, I would recommend & have recommended Quantum Jumping to anyone who is seeking improvement in any area of their life. This is an amazing program & as far as I know there is nothing like it on the planet I think Quantum Jumping & the other products Burt has created are a powerful tool for anyone who wants to enhance & improve their life. Burt has a way of getting to the heart of things in an easy, friendly manner. This allows you to follow along & learn in comfort at your own pace

David Little,
Vancouver,B.C., Canada
Restore Calm And Eliminate Fear From My Life

I first started reading Neale Donald Walsh, then Paramhansa Yogananda; both of these writers shook my beliefs and left me with the burning desire to learn more. Then, I came across Burt's works and noticed that he too was a student of Yogananda. I have benefited from the course in Quantum Jumping with meditating, focusing on the tasks at hand, and knowing that I can control fear. Having a staunch childhood religious up-bringing, I left all of that in the early nineties. Finding a basis for my beliefs did not congeal until I had taken some courses through Lionheart Institute in addition to the readings heretofore mentioned. I thank Burt and his program for helping me to formulate a foundation for my beliefs and the importance of my life in helping others. When presented with problems of work, family, money, whatever it may be; I can resort to my Quantum Jumping techniques to restore calm and eliminate fear from my life. This has further infused me with the knowledge that I am important to my Creator, that the mind is a tool to be used in establishing peace and happiness. My original goal was to learn the technique of Kriya Yoga; I thought this would be a stepping stone to that. Though not revealed entirely in Quantum Jumping, I feel as though I get little snippets of the techniques. Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and information that you have supplied. I have used the questioning, "What would your life be like if", supplied in Burt's writings to help a handful of people. To see major changes in people because they desire the change is an essential component to my happiness. This has occurred in the past 4-5 months. I hope to be instrumental in helping desiring people to effectively make changes in their lifestyle and place contented smiles upon their faces.... for years to come. I even bought it for my son. Turning 31, I see him making the same kind of empty mistakes that I made when I was his age. Trapped in ego without realizing there was a much better way, I thought I could alleviate some of the heartaches he might encounter by supplying him with higher knowledge. Knowledge that is really embedded within our very being. Meditation is the key to going within, thereby equipping us to go with-out! Getting him into the meditation process, like Quantum Jumping, will spill over into all phases of his journey on earth. That's why I recommend it and use it; Calming the mind has benefited me in my health, mental peace, elimination of worry, finding the blessings or gems from all experiences in life. This was important for me to learn after my youngest son completed his earthly journey at the age of 19. The gift was, I had been blessed with his presence for 19 years. They were Great!! I can only state this from my perspective and what it has done for me. My observation about life is; at sometime along your path, there will be questions burning within your soul asking for an explanation. They can only be answered by you, the answers resonating with your truth. That's what all of my readings have led me to; meditation. I embrace the Quantum Jumping technique as that which trains and refines my meditation. I especially like the 'Spring of Wellness'. It is truly a rejuvenating experience. Thanks Burt.

Keith Creel,
San Antonio, Texas
Burt Has A Unique Approach To Personal Development

Perhaps within a month before I found the Quantum Jumping material, I was in a discussion with a friend about the possibility of parallel universes and alternate realities. I recognized that with the dimensions predicted for those universes that it would be impossible to go there in the current physical state. So any journey would have to be with energy and not matter and that meant a mental journey. Perhaps a projection of consciousnous of some sort. But how to do it? I got the impression that I would meet an older person(I am 78) who would help me answer those questions. I haunted the senior centers and other places where "old folks" hung out and searched the net with key words like quantum, alternate universes, parallel universes and the like. The name Burt Goldman kept popping up associated with Quantum Jumping. My scientific curiosity took hold as the possibility of a means of making the trip to an alternate universe became possible through the techniques offered by Burt Goldman. I have not been disappointed since my journeys to other states of consciousness have been very informative, inspiring and relaxing to say the least. I would definitely recommend Quantum Jumping. The world now is currently interested in the Science of Mind and people are looking for ways to self development and improvement of their daily lives. Burt has a unique approach to personal development as Quantum Jumping is private and easy to learn. He has combined a number of mind and personal development techniques in an easy manner with a homey story-telling technique of presentation. I think the content of the modules that I have down-loaded are excellent. They are easy to follow. And punctuated by Burt's sense of humor and a wealth of personal anecdotes from over a large number of years make for an enjoyable series of lessons and techniques. I have the twenty-some modules of the initial offer from the Burt Goldman site.. the seven free lessions from the American Monk and all the freebies that I can down-load as they come up. I also look forward to the Blog every Friday.

West Chester, PA
I Have Far Exceeded My Original Goals.

My major goal was to attain peace of mind and relaxation. However I have far exceeded my original goals. I am 73 years old and in 2008 my world collapsed. I lost my life savings and had to go on social security. I could no longer make an $1800.00 payment on my home and it went into foreclosure. In 2009, both my son and grandson were killed in Iraq. I was planning my suicide. I could not relax nor could I think straight. Then Quantum Jumping came along. I figured what the hell it just might work for me. I used the program and made a jump, meeting myself fishing off a pier. I have never fished. He (I) said sit down and lets figure things out. I don't know how long we talked and I am now taking the steps that were suggested. I am selling my furniture and planning to go into a retirement home within the next two weeks. He suggested beading as a way to relax and I laughed as my hands shake so badly I can no longer write my own name. So, I bought a bunch of beads and all the stuff needed to make necklaces and at first the beads were all over the floor. Then I heard a voice in my head, telling me to relax...you can and will do it. I tried again and my hands stopped shaking and I turned out some beautiful necklaces that friends loved and bought. I now have another income! The memory of my boys will never leave me but now I find myself looking forward to the future, rather than living in the past. I recommended the program to all my friends and will continue to do so. Quantum Jumping has given me a new outlook.

Lawrence Howard,
Sylmar Ca., U.S.A.
I Have Finally Found Some Peace in My Life

I absolutely love your program. It has made a big difference in my life. I have finally found some peace in my life and brought back some happiness. I would recommend this product to everyone. Not only is Quantum Jumping a most wonderful product but the customer service here is also wonderful and a delight to deal with. Keep up the wonderful work.

Marylin Sanchez,
Miami, Florida
Showing Me Clues To My Possible Future

I love using The Quantum Jumping New Moon Programming and the benefits of doing guided meditation has really made a difference in my life. My goal is trying to be the best me that I can be. I think it's an amazing concept! Being a Landmark Forum senior graduate, I think this really dovetails with my belief system and can really make a difference in my life by showing me some clues to my possible future!! I'm also a neuro linguistic programmer as well. I would highly recommend this system to all who are open to this sort of system. I can't wait to have some money to purchase Quantum Jumping 2 and his Mindbox system! I think Burt Goldman is a genius!

Nelson Beltran,
Grosse Ile, Michigan
It's A Beautiful Relaxing Journey

I really enjoyed the quantum jumping program and it really cleared many questions to me. Since I was a child I used to see visions of future events which could not explained neither understand it. When these visions used to appear to me always before I sleep in my bed, honestly I used to think that I had a mental illness but after hearing your lectures by chance I immediately bought the cd's and it was a relief, I felt that I am not insane anymore but gifted and I have to appreciate my visions and not to run from it. My only problem is that i am not being able to hear the voices of the people or the place , I have clear visions including symbols but completely mute. I recommend everyone to try the quantum jumping because it's a beautiful relaxing journey not to miss which can help him or her in their life.

Alia Beydoun,
Now I Think The Sky Is The Limit For My Aspiration

I like to be in control and Quantum Jumping promises to give me that freedom in the sense that all solutions lie within my own reach. My life has improved, excitingly so that I have the faith and hope that I have found a solution to life problems and now I can claim anything I want - being it wealth, health, relationships and everything else I desire. I recommend Quantum Jumping because the teachings from Burt are practical and what I like about Burt is his style of not making false claims. Burt is dispensing a very important piece of knowledge and information at an affordable price as opposed to many internet marketers who over rate their product and even discount other people's products. Burt has a clean approach and his voice spells hope. Quantum Jumping I think is what I have been missing all my life and now I think the sky is the limit for my aspirations. As for my latest purchase Lunar Programming I'm so exited that I got to understand better the approach of attraction and abundance based on the frequency one is tuned in.

Jabu Ntlou,
Pretoria, South Africa
I Have Found An Amazing Teacher

I'm really interested in quantum physics, that is why I decided to purchase your course. The great big surprise I did not expect was to find an amazing teacher (my twin) who taught me how to give EFT courses. I visited her only once while I was preparing my exposition to a group. The result was marvellous!!!! I presented an excellent exposition because I felt a special guidance talking to me, telling me exactly what to do in every moment . When I finished giving the course a wonderful sense of fullfilment came. I am thankful and happy, I have of course recommended this to all my friends. It really works as it promises! I love Burt and his last name GOLD-MAN.

Rosalina Garcia ,
A Chance To Create A Better Destiny For Myself

In less than three years my life was turned upside down. My husband suddenly lost his job; increasing my need to work day, night and weekends. To create a peaceful day and get away from all the stress, my husband, myself and our children decided to go on a hike. At the top, I slipped on gravel, dislocating and breaking my ankle in half. The event required a 10 hour rescue needing surgery three days after my husband's health insurance ran out. My husband managed to get a job as a school bus driver but the stress of an uncertain financial future was always on his mind. He was always healthy and took care of himself so his sudden passing was a shock to us all. I thought my book was written but now the pages were blank and I faced a future life totally uncertain of where it was going to take me. As a hypnotherapist, I knew the power of the mind and have been teaching this to others for years, so when I received Burt's information about Quantum Jumping, I "jumped" at the chance to create a better destiny for myself. My "twin self" reminded me of what I was here to do and when I immediately applied the information, my life started to change for the better. My daughter started listening as well and she too changed the course of her destiny. Thank you Burt for your insights and wisdom and all that you do.

Dr. Erika Duffy,
New Hampshire
Your Guidance And Wise Direction Have Been God Sent.

Quantum Jumping has been the source of great accomplishments in many different aspects! The details are so multi-faceted and have become such an integral part of my life that a book is now being written to chronicle my ongoing journey. When I say that a "Book" is being written, it is important to tribute Quantum Jumping because true to the nature of the course, the Book is now flowing through me seemingly without effort! It had always been a dream of mine to write a book but never did I dream that the book would actually take on such a powerful sequence of miracles and literally "write" through me! If not for Quantum Jumping, the story would rival a suspense type horror movie. Your guidance and humble yet powerful & wise direction have been God sent. Thank You! How has the course changed my life? No more self-abusive behavior. No more anger and compulsive mood swings. No more anti-depressants. No more alcohol. No more pain killers. No more A.D.H.D. I even lost 47 pounds. I am now lighter and more free to create my life, not as a victim or survivor but as a happy soul. Quantum Jumping is indispensable. I love the angels and the paintings and Burt's ability to help others to help themselves with his unique humor, and charismatic humility!

Caroline Dunipace,
Our Lives Are Changing Quickly

The reason why we wanted to Quantum Jump was to aid in our personal, spiritual growth and development. We have noted that if we are not on our path, we get negatives thrown at us from the universe until we get back on the path. Like most people we are looking for ways to be free of the burdens life/society has put on all of us. Tired of the word "can't" we are now saying "yes, all is possible". We were not totally sold on this idea when we first purchased our CD's for Quantum Jumping 1 and 2. We are now! We were surprised at the quality and class in which the CD's are packaged. Our lives are changing quickly and there are now many more positives thrown at us instead of the negatives, meaning we are on the right path. We intend to continue growing and jumping as we complete the CDs. We would recommend Quantum Jumping to others and have told friends about it. When they are ready, like us, the way will be shown to them. The door to the universe is open to all, just look and ask. We like to Quantum Jump and look forward to growth in this area of our lives. We try to Quantum Jump at least 4 -5 times a week. We intend to purchase more of Burt Goldman products when we are ready. The products are truly a fair exhange of energy. We believe that Burt Goldman knows so much more and we hope he will be willing to share many other secrets with those who want to learn and grow. Quantum Jumping is only the surface of a really deep pool of knowledge. Thank you, Burt Goldman for giving others the opportunity to better their lives.

Nicole & Marc Page,
Black Point, New Brunswick, Canada
I Feel That I Have Known Him All My Life

My goal was to learn to meditate better. Quantum Jumping I and II has given me that and more. Burt's techniques are serving to help me release 'stuff' I don't need that has been damaging to me. I have been laid off (for the 7th time) since Dec 30 and I am just now going back to work as a contractor. I have been working on my 'worthiness' issues and Burt has helped me with them. I would recommend Quantum Jumping. I had 2 free passes and shared them with people I thought would benefit. Both women are advanced in the field of metaphysics. I love all the modules. I love Burt. I feel that I have known him all my life and I am very grateful that he is sharing his expertise with us.

Linda Hontz,
Buffalo, NY USA
I Have Been A Smoker For 50 Years

When I was 15 my father introduced me to positive thinking and all it's possibilities. I've always kept an open mind to the fact that anything is possible. When I came accross your Quantum Jumping program I knew I had to get it and explore. My only success so far (which is a big one for me) was to quite smoking. I'm on day 27. I went to my twin self who overcame the habit and I have had no desire to smoke again. I have been a smoker for 50 years and have tried to quit a dozen times but it always failed. I know this time it's different. It feels right. Thanks Burt, keep up the good work. I certainly would recommend Quantum Jumping because it's a wounderful tool to do anything that you desire. I also love the way Burt walks you through the meditations.

Josie Ryan,
Hollywood, FL
Now I Feel More Vivid And Fresh

I felt to heavy and tired before. So my goal was to get more energy and feel more convinced, that I choose the right actions in every case. Now I feel more vivid and fresh. I sleep better at night. I have got some very good advice in specific situations: How to be a better grandma, when I babysit my grandson. How to be more firm in working with a sick person. How to relax again, when something is getting in on me. They are all small things, but they mean a lot on a daily basis. I am convinced, that Quantum Jumping could help a lot of people. For me it has been a breakthrough. I have done a lot of self developing practices for 35 years and have found Quantum Jumping very uplifting.

Birgit Stephensen,
Hirsevej 18, 5800 Nyborg, Denmark
Quantum Jumping helped me help others!

I am fundamentally an achiever and a successful, contended person. I needed and was looking for a catalyst to take me to roaring levels of achievement. Being a spiritualist, a daily twice meditator and a proficient astral traveller, i took to Quantum jumping as a fish would take to water. It has begun to work wonders. Only last evening, I could help (from London) a dear one in the Middle East suffering severe pain following a critical surgery, using the 'dwaddle' over skype. She went to sleep immediately and woke up this morning with the pain gone!She went to work and reported to be more energetic than ever in a month since the surgery. I am very choosy. Because, it must reach the right people at the right time in their lives for the right reasons they seek in life. I don't want to recommend the program to sceptics. Only those who are blessed and have opted out of their bad karmas can truly benefit by this wonderful gift of GOD Quite simply the most powerful tool ever known to man!

Ashok Bala Rajanan,
Finding the other me

I am a successful entrepreneur and amateur beekeeper from Grenville, Wisconsin. I had a very odd experience in October 2009. As I lay in bed with my beautiful wife one stormy night, I became aware of a presence approaching me. As it came closer, I could see that it was myself - almost. There were clear differences: he was unshaven, wore shabbier clothes and smelt distinctly of patchouli. He began to ask me questions; How did I set my goals? How did I raise my self-esteem? Where did I meet my wife? If my beehive swarms twice in one summer, what is the best way to boost the larvae numbers? I answered these patiently and he faded away. I have always wondered what had happened that night, and now I have an answer. The other me must have used Quantum Jumping to find me and improve himself! Thank you Burt Goldman! I would! In fact, my other self recommended this program to me, and I have begun using it as of yesterday. How could I not trust my own consciousness?

Thomas Malony,
Wisconsin, USA
Improving my life with Quantum Jumping

My goal was to improve every aspect of my life with a priority to hone my painting skills - as I started to draw and paint around the age of 55 till today. My life has improved a lot as things seemed easier in terms of organizing, managing my timetable and keeping good relations while still finding the time to do what I desire. Things improved financially too, as I am teaching French for 2 university semesters/year only. Lately I was asked to do translations and private lessons, which makes a big difference, not only for my finances but mostly for my self-confidence. I would certainly recommend Quantum Jumping to someone else, because it opens a whole new world. Particularly the lesson where I visited a scene from the past to help overcome a problem in my present life. During the meditation I saw the interior of a barn, with some hay stacks, near a tavern and a narrow street. Then it was time to cross back to this universe. At night before going to sleep, thinking I would like spend more time in a former life, I did the same exercise mentally. Immediately I saw myself as a big fat cow among other cows of various colours. I was walking and could feel my four legs and the grass under my hoofs; I could also see the brown fur of my torso sideways. I must confess I freaked out and jumped back to this universe. But somehow today I feel extremely good and my appetite has dropped all of a sudden. I think Quantum Jumping is unique and so liberating and I will definitely try out the other products.

Micheline van der Beken,
Perth Western Australia
Miraculous Experiences!

Pure genius Burt ! It's obvious you've gained much insight from many wise parallel universes you've visited. I'm a 59 year old professional fine artist and my abstract paintings are about the mysterious, unseen energetic forces that surround and influence us. See http://www.shirleywilliamsart.com My hobby is studying quantum physics, metaphysics and color energy. In my early 20's I had a profound near-death experience which changed my perception of reality forever. Since then I've naturally been able to shift into parallel universes and manifest my near-perfect life moment to moment. People continually comment on the constant flow of miraculous coincidences that are always happening around me and I've never been able to explain it. Over the years, I've read every book and taken every course to find a way to interact with this Higher Power in a more direct way. Nothing has ever given me the depth I was looking for.... until I found Quantum Jumping. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. You've given me a set of tools that I can already see working in exponential ways. Yes, in a quiet way. Excellent -

Shirley Williams,
Ontario, Canada
Every Time I Listen To It, I Feel Re-Energized!

I enjoyed listening to the Quantum Jumping course very much. It is AMAZING! I am 78 years old, but I feel younger. I love your Quantum Jumping. Anytime I have a free time, I just to my room and play the CD in my CD player. Every time I listen to it with my eyes closed, I feel re-energized! I can see and feel the excellent things that I experience by listening to Quantum Jumping Course. Please continue the wonderful things you are sharing with us.

Remedios Z. Riborozo,
Met Several Of My Twin Selves

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the quantum jumping course. I have met several of my twin selves and have received from them what I have asked for in very unique ways. One in particular time I was purchasing a home and wanted to insure the close of the sale. I went into a Quantum Jumping meditation and met the Alicia that already lived in that home. She was in the kitchen cooking, (I love to cook) and she took off her apron and gave it to me. She then said "here it's yours now, you will be the one cooking in this kitchen" I then took the apron put it on and she turned around and walked away. Thank you for opening up this concept to me and making it available.

Now These 3 Are The Best Songs I've Written"

My name is Vincent McNicoll, I am a musician. Here's my story : I did a Quantum jump and saw myself outside in a backyard with a big pool and the sun shining so bright. My girlfriend was there and she was swimming. So I went to my doppledanger and said hi. He greeted me back and then he said : "I want to see you smile" ! I felt really good. I came back to the hallway and opened my eyes. The same day I wrote and composed music to the song called "I want to see you smile" ! Later that week, I did it again. I jumped through the door and went to the same scene. But this time, more details. I could see the mountain behind the house. I turned around and saw the house itself ! Big white multi-level California Style house. A beautiful sight ! So I asked my doppledanger to take me inside for a visit. He took me in and took me downstairs. There was a big room with a wall full of golden records and other prizes hung on it. WOW ! I could even read the titles of the songs on the golden records. One said : "Just Fun". I came back to the hallway and opened my eyes. The same day I wrote and composed music to the song called "Just Fun"! Then I thought to myself : "This technique really works !" I did it again ! This time my doppledanger sat on a stool in front of the wall and sang to me ! I could see the fingers move on the guitar doing something unusual. So I asked if I could hear the recorded version of the song. He took me to the recording studio in the next room and made me listen to it ! Then I came back to this dimension and recorded the song ! It's called "Do You". Now these 3 are the best songs I've written so far in this life and I've been writing songs for 20 years. Plus it's so different from what I usually write! So next I asked my doppel ganger what to do with these songs. Where do I send them ? To who ? You know what he said ? He said : "Live your dream" ! He wrote on a piece of paper : "Virgin Tokyo" with the big V of Virgin records. Now that's more than insight. That is clear information right there ! How do I make contact with Virgin Tokyo ? I'm still figuring out that part ! I hope this testimonial is as helpful to you as Quantum Jumping has been to me. If you want a picture and a song to put on your website, please let me know. I will be very happy to send them out to you ! Thank you so much for putting this course together ! Sincerely, Vincent McNicoll

Vincent McNicoll,
Rockway-Valley, QC Canada
I Truly Enjoy Burt's Quantum Jumping Series

My goal for using Quantum Jumping was to be successful in something! Originally I purchased the Quantum Jumping 1 and then went on to purchase Quantum Jumping. It seems to resonate with me at many levels. I love Burt's approach - easy going and real. Have listened to all the CD's many times and continue to learn more things as I re-listen to them. I do follow the meditations and am now beginning to see some results. Has it improved my life? Well yes. You see, I already believe in what Burt was talking about regarding the "many selves" we embody. The concept of 'getting in touch' with that part of us that was either very successful or had answers was appealing to me. It just made sense. I generally give up with most motivational material as it just doesn't seem to be working. But Burt's approach is different and makes sense. That's critical for me. I would absolutely recommend the Quantum Jump series to anyone. Let me tell you a little about me. I am an author, motivational speaker, working towards my Ph.D, Certified instructor of Hypnosis, and a Grief Counselor. For all these reason, I can't say enough wonderful things about Burt and his Quantum Jumping series! The lectures are quite informative with wonderful samples of what Burt is talking about. The meditations are amazing to experience. Each one offers something different and unique that can be used right away. In reality, his material makes sense and is easy to follow because he speaks to the reader on a very practical, everyday level. His no-nonsense approach, his casual manner, his excitement about the "message" and his willingness to share his experiences is commendable. I guess what I love the most is his almost "child like" joy of discovering his hidden talents. By simply tapping into the Universal energy that's there for anyone. His material would be considered "cutting edge." I simply love it and I've bought probably hundreds of dollars worth of motivational material for years. I don't need to any more. Burt's material is the best I've ever come across! Naturally, I love Burt's simple approach to life and his message. The book and CD's are easy to read and fascinating to follow. I truly enjoy Burt's Quantum Jumping series and look forward to listening to them everyday. Thank you for giving me hope for success where only doubt prevailed.

Karin Janin,
New York
I Am Now Setting New Goals And Taking Action On Them.

My intention for using Quantum Jumping was to kick start my plans and actions into 2009. 2008 was a challenging year for me personally and I got stuck in a rut towards the end, unable to make any decisions or take action. I had heard about the concept of parallel universes from Quantum Physicists but didn't find any practical value in the concept. The Quantum Jumping program brought the idea of parallel universes to life. And the wonderful thing is that you don't have to believe it or have it conflict with your beliefs. I use this in a relaxed, playful manner. Now I can confer with any of my doubles in any area of life in which I need some advice. Intuitions and insights start coming to me and I can take action to move forward. I must say that since I started using the Quantum Jumping program, I no longer feel stuck. I am setting new goals and taking action on them. I am also in the process of starting a new business. I would certainly recommend Quantum Jumping to other people. It is a very practical and useful program for seeking ideas and solutions to life's challenges. I love The American Monk and I think his programs are great. I am definitely hooked and Burt's voice has a calming influence on me. I strongly support his goal of increasing the consciousness of one million people.

Manny Attah,
London, UK
It Helps Me Go Through The Day

I liked the idea of Quantum jumping, and the goal was to get successful in all areas of my life. I've just started using it, but for now I enjoy it, and I find it easy to jump into the some other universe and find my doppel gangers. I practice the Quatum Jump to get better business results. I would definitely recommend it, not just Quantum Jumping but also any Burt product. I have already connected some of my family and friends to the free Burt's programs and they like it a lot. Quantum jumping is easy to follow, and as Burt says, never mind if other universe exists, this technique works and that it is what's important at the end of the day. I love Burt's product. I started with free program provided by Burt. I bought Magic for kids and got the MindBox as bonus and I recently bought Quantum Jumping. I find Burt techniques easy to follow, I love "tapping". I found it so helpful when I had to get in sync with different people in business and privately. Daisy pond is so relaxing that it helps me go through the day. Bagha is my favorite tool, in any situation I just do the Bagha and get control of my life. The more I practice, the more I get comfortable and see improvements in myself, my attitude, as well as in the situation around me. I want to thank Burt for putting this programs together. Even for people who cannot afford to buy some of the programs, the free program is so rich that it can help anyone to improve and deal with challenges.

Jasmina ,
Vancouver, Canada
Awesome, Splendid And Remarkable.

I admire Burt, and when he talked about Quantum Jumping I was intrigued about the topic. This is why when he released the Quantum Jumping, I was very enthusiastic trying to discover these new parallel dimensions. It really had opened a new door that leads to many worlds. Also it has been a tool I can use to discover new possibilities and the chance to rediscover some qualities inside of me that I have buried for many reasons. There are so many things I need to improve and sometimes I wonder how I can get better. This Quantum Jumping course helped me to find new ways I did not even imagine before. Thanks Burt for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I would recommend Quantum Jumping to anyone who is prepared to receive this kind of news. You need to be aware of the Quantum Jumping phenomenon before entering in the Quantum Jumping world. If we are talking about people ready to be opened, then I would definitively recommend Quantum Jumping with all the stars you need to rate it. I have tried all of Burt Goldman's program since the Free Lessons to Mind Box (1, 2 & advance), Intuitive Healing, Liberty, Victory Program, to Quantum Jumping, and the others since there are so many. All are part of the stairs to achieve great energy, wisdom and awareness to improve our lives, leading to new roads to have a better understanding of ourselves and keep our inner peace and self-esteem, developing better relationships and maintain the harmony around us,helping to give the best of ourselves and living healthy. I enjoy every new material Burt comes out, there is no doubt there is going to be something awesome, splendid and remarkable.

Santa Romero Jovel,
El Salvador
I Am A Little Blown Away By Its Effectiveness

On a whim, I downloaded the free sample from your website and was immediately taken by the discussion about higher-level questioning. I've studied NLP and so understand the resistance that can occur when a "why" question is asked. When Burt re-framed the question to "how would your life be different if..." I knew I had to hear more, it was such a potent question. I've been a meditator for 30 years, have explored psi phenomena and remote viewing and have studied quantum physics (as a hobby), so the concept of multiple parallel universes is not foreign to me. Nor is it one I think impossible to exist. My goal, for a long time, has been to be able to access guidance for myself. I have been attempting to reach my "higher self," or whatever other names it is called, to obtain guidance and have had little success previously. Using the Quantum Jumping technique has allowed me to obtain so specific guidance that I am a little blown away by its effectiveness. I will continue to review the modules as I seem to hear something new each time I listen and look forward to more encounters with my other selves. One of the most engaging reasons for my enthusiasm about the program is Burt's openness about what is actually happening in the Quantum Jumping process. His willingness to admit that he doesn't really KNOW why it works is refreshing. The fact that it does is really all that matters. That spoke to me big time. And I enjoy his voice. Voice quality is very important, and his is a voice that conveys trust, humor and a willingness to take himself with a large grain of salt.

Judith Moore,
Charleston, SC
I Am Already Completely Amazed

I bought Quantum Jumping when I bought the Mindbox, mainly out of curiosity. I was a little afraid of trying it at first, but the intention I had in mind was to quickly develop creative skills. I am not even halfway through the course and I am already completely amazed. I took my first quantum jump, meant to fix some sort of problem, without even really being sure of what problem I wanted fixed. Everything that I had ever felt was a problem since starting university - not having enough money, not liking my relatives, feeling that I'd missed out, feeling weird about not being romantically involved with people, feeling way too anxious about too many things, like I not only did I have no one to turn to but that I had to support others as well (ex. my mother. The weight of this grew to the point where I had to go to counseling for an anxiety problem) - came from not confiding in my stepmother. It actually took me an hour to recover from this realization. I felt enlightened. I still feel amazed. Also, things have started happening for me very fast now. Things I used to daydream about a lot as a teenager (but generally gave up on - ex. being in a band and performing onstage was dismissed as something only stupid people who were headed nowhere tried to do ) are actually starting to materialize. I still haven't jumped to improve my creativity, but I feel, for the first time in my life, that everything is fine and everything is going to stay fine. It will do more than that, it will get better. I feel this anxiety I've had for most of my life (and it took me ages to figure out that's what it was, I'd always thought that life was just genuinely scary.) is finally gone, forever. Anything that I used to feel ashamed about I now see as interesting. I feel like I could also make others stop feeling scared and ashamed. I WANT to make others stop feeling scared and ashamed. I feel like my financial situation is fine and will never again cause me concern. Again, I feel like I can get other people into the same good situation, and I WANT to, but I now see that this doesn't mean I have to deprive myself of any pleasure available to me. I have learned tons about myself and understand way more than I did even two months ago. And I know that this is because of Quantum Jumping and other American Monk things. I am so grateful. Sometimes my life is so good if I step back and take a look my head starts to spin. I think Quantum Jumping is absolutely amazing, but so far I've stayed silent about it. I think pretty much everyone I know would think it was way too weird, or some kind of hoax, of that I'm kidding myself, or that it's potentially dangerous. However, once I find someone with an open enough mind, I will definitely encourage them to do it. I also love the MindBox, especially the MindBox advanced. And I have far less qualms about sharing it (or at least parts of it - there are parts I think many people I know would scoff at or say is a load or somehow immoral). I have also started the prosperity program and enlightened NLP and am extremely happy with those. Again though, I'm hesitant about telling people about these

Calgary, Canada
Absolutely Terrific

My goal was to learn about Quantum Jumping. I never expected to truly gain anything. The use of Quantum Jumping is truly amazing. It is also interesting and, in my opinion only limited by my creativity. I continue to listen to the CD's over and over again as I find there is always something new I didn't absorb the last time I listened. My experience is great and I want to learn more and go further in my understanding of Quantum Jumping. I would absolutely recommend Quantum Jumping to someone else and have already done so. The lessons learned enhance who you are and gives you the chance to the best person one can be. Absolutely terrific products.

Eileen Katz,
colorado springs, co
More Creative, Optimistic and Luckier

My goal was to change my energy, I felt like I was in a downward spiral and I didn't know how to get out. I have only been Quantum Jumping for a short period of time but I'm already more creative, more optimistic and luckier! This is one of the best technology that I have used and I've been doing personal development projects for 40 years. I wouldn't say I'm a "junkie" because my goal was always to live my life with what I had learned but I stubbed my toe somehow and I wasn't allowing the wonder to come in. This program is helping me find my way. I'm very grateful to my friend who turned me onto it and to all involved in making it available. Love Quantum Jumping.

Beth Cole,
Tucson, Arizona
I Was & Still Am Delightfully Surprised

I bought the Quantum Jumping to improve every aspect of my life. I was intrigued by the very nature of the program so I thought I'd jump in (no pun intended). Well, I was and still am delightfully surprised! When I got the program I was a bit "In the Dumps" - getting up late, feeling blah - just not really here or there. I started Quantum Jumping and 2 days later I started getting up earlier in the morning. Feeling light & happy for no specific reason. I did my housework & moved furniture around & just felt quietly GREAT - all the time! I feel that something very, very unique & wonderful is just around the corner and will happen - soon, very soon. I don't know what it is but I just feel it. I got an email from someone I use to work for who is soliciting me for work. This is something that has never happened to me before but something I've always wanted. Now I'm feeling that I matter in this world. I getting a feeling of belonging in the world. They are just feelings but WOW ARE THEY EVER GOOD FEELINGS! I will keep you posted as other stuff develops. Thank you so very much for this program. Not only is it working for me but I am having fun doing it as well. It has the same effect as therapy has but minuse the "Yeahky" feelings for days afterwards. I would recommend and have recommended ALL of Burts' products. Actually, I also have The American Monk Life Accelerator, The American Monk Prosperity Program, The Winning Sage Digital Course, Quantum Past Life Regression Program and the Quantum Jumping Digital Course. I recommend it because eventhough I don't know what is actually happening I DO KNOW that I am feeling great & I DO KNOW that something fabulous is going on inside me. I'm starting to get happy about being alive. I'm starting to want to do stuff again - like when I was younger. I think that's it I feel younger and more alive. I ha've regained or retrieved my hope. I KNOW that something fabulous is happening. I know that I keep repeating myself but I JUST KNOW that something GREAT is going on and is going to happen. I JUST KNOW IT!! I apologize for yelling at you. Thank you so very much for ALL you programs & I sincerely hope that everyone gets to try these out for themselves & get to feel this way as well.

Jocelyne Lavoie,
Improve My Life In All Different Aspects

My goal for using Quantum Jamping is to find guidance and to improve my life in all different aspects I can do better when using QJ. Since I started using Quantum Jumping, some areas of my life had been change for the best. I needed $20,000.00 to organize my life and to use part of this money to pay some bills. After using QJ, this money ended up in my pocket.Now I am using Quantum Jumping to find the right apartment to move with my family. I am using Quantum Jumping to get close to a person that I love very much and now I have to find the best way to made that person to realize that I am there for whatever she needs. I am also using Quantum jumping to help stopping an old and terrible habit the I have of procrastinate on things that should be done without any delays and I start to see the results. I had a car accident that left me semi paralyzed many years ago, and I am also using the QJ techniques to overcome this fear of driving. Now I am starting to feel a big necessity of driving. The latest goal that I am using Quantum Jumping techniques for is to lose some wheight. I am also thinking to use QJ to try to get a job in a place that I love so much. I believe I am going to find a job position in that hospital. Quantum Jumping it is the best thing that ever happened to my life. I am very happy since I bought the Quantum Jumping program. Now I am enjoying life with my family feeling more happy than ever. I always recommend Quantum jumping to every pereson I know because I am a kind of real proof that Quantum jumping really works. Quantum Jumpin will always make part of my life and no doubts about it. I love the Quantum jumping and I am also starting to study about the Quantum Jumping Past Life Regression program. I'm sure that my last aquisision will be a plus that I can use to make my live even better than ever. Let's jump into a new dimension that has the power to improve your life for the best? It's possible if you believe and also have a positive attitude.

Tamara C. Fernandes,
Santa Barbara- CA
Significant Achievements In My Personal And Financial Life

My primary goal was to change a lifetime of bad habits. Since I have entered the program I am seeing significant achievements in my personal and financial life. I recommend the course to every one I talk to. So far so good. I have only been in the program for a few short weeks but it seems to be working.

Douglas Konersman,
Reno, NV
It Is Okay To Do Crazy New Things At Any Age

I bought the Quantum Jumping program mainly because I like Burt. He is so down to earth yet heavenly with his New Moon theories. He talks complete sense without promising you something that you are unlikely to obtain example like winning the lotto. I gave up my job and relocated from Africa to Canada at the age of 57 just to be closer to my daughter who is at Stanford University. The Quantum Jumping program, and Burt himself, has made me realize that it is okay to do crazy new things at any age. The experience has made me feel 25 again! My regular job in Canada, whatever it is, will be manifesting itself soon thanks to my new confident self.

Heather MacLean,
Edmonton, Canada
Felt Less Stressed And Happier In My Day To Day Life

I really wanted to get the most out of life as possible. After I began undergoing the Quantum Jumping program, I felt noticeably less stressed, and definitely happier in my day to day life. I have recommended it to all my friends and they all love it as well. I would definitely recommend it, as it was such a memorable experience to meet my doppelgänger. They are brilliant and I love them.

James Recard,
Adelaide, Australia
Always Had Feelings About a Me In Other Dimensions

I have always had feelings about a "Me" in other dimensions and have seen her/them. However, ever since I started reading Quantum Jumping, the concept of bringing her/them in or contacting her/them in my life blew my mind. Since listening to the tapes, I am more conscious of bringing the other parts of me in my current reality when I need her/them. I have of course recommended Quantum Jumping to others. I truly enjoy reading Burt's materials and listening to his tapes.

Mertella J. Montague,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Used Quantum Jumping To Heal My Cat

I first used Quantum Jumping to heal my cat who was quite ill & along with my vet's help I was very pleased with the results. I'm absolutely convinced the Quantum Jumping helped speed up his recovery. Now, my next plan is to use it to improve my business. I've already made some big changes in my life & look forward to seeing the results.

Lise Ratkevich,
Santa Barbara,CA
My Goal Was To Become A Famous Artist

My goal was to become a famous artist and to make an additional $15K a month in income. I meet with my doppleganger and he advised me to just keep painting and let myself go. He also gives me ideas on what to paint. I also use the Create New Habits software, which came with the purchase from Mind Valley, and as a bonus, it was free. I think it is a fantastic idea, and it reminds me everyday of the four things/habits which I must do. Listen to Burt, create paintings, go for my power walk, and talk to my doppleganger. I would highly recommend Quantum Jumping to all my friends, but I wouldn't do it because of these reasons. The law of attraction and Quantum Jumping is something which an individual must find themselves. It will only work if the person is ready for it, to accept it into their lives whole heartedly. It is a force that will find it's way into someones life only when that person is ready for it. And by way of example, I will give a metaphor. Quantum Jumping and the law of attraction is a bit like religion. You cannot force someone to believe in religion. Once they are ready to believe and accept it whole heartedly, only then will they want to be part of it. For me, the best way is to lead by example. My friends will notice it is working in my life, and when they ask how I did that, I will guide them in the right direction. Quantum Jumping is fantastic. I absolutely love the products, and the price was just right.

Nicholas Kondisenko,
Townsville, Australia
I've Met Some Pretty Awesome Doppelgangers.

My original goal for using Quantum Jumping was to help me feel safe in my world. I had many anxieties. In fact, it was so bad I would wake up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning with an anxiety attack everyday. Most of the time I couldn't figure out what I was fearful of. It seemed like some invisible and intangible thing. Since using the quantum jumping I've been able to remove 98% of my anxieties. I've met some pretty awesome doppelgangers. One of my favorites is a lady who lives by a lake, in a house that I love, owning a company creating the best soil to grow plants and trees for healing properties. She and I have had many exciting discussions. She told me that if I wanted to do something similar to her company I needed to sit under a tree and talk to it. I haven't heard much from my trees yet. I believe they may be sleeping as I live in the north country. But it does seem like I have a direct link to planet earth. When I ask for a little warmer weather this winter its always warmer around my community than anywhere else. Synchronicities seem to abound in my life now. One of my doppelgangers (I call her the Wise All Knowing One) seems to be like a wave of energy. I never see a body. I ask her all kinds of questions. One of my questions was "How could I make people stop being so destructive. How could I make them see the light?" She immediately told me I couldn't. That would mean that I am trying to take their free will away from them. All I could do is keep sending loving light to the planet and everything on it. And that would have to be by my choice. When someone asks me for information, I can teach them what I know. But it will be up to them whether they want to accept my teachings. Of course, I have heard this many times from many great teachers. But she showed me pictures of how some well meaning people ended up trying to control the multitude due to their own fears. Guess I never looked at it that way before. One of the other things she told me was whenever I have a negative outlook on something that I should hold it in my hand, think really hard about it, and wash it with blue and gold water. The gold signifies love and the blue signifies healing. I can't believe how many feelings of guilt, feelings of anger, feelings of lack I have been able wash until they were shining with love. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds and I have to try to remember what I was washing. Other times, it may take me a few minutes. But I always know when I've washed the feelings enough because the feelings are gone. I rarely have them come back, but if they do I just wash them again. They never come back after a second washing. I now have the means to create the very best life for myself. I thank Burt everyday in everyway for the knowledge he has passsed on to all of us. I have told everyone and anyone who wanted to listen about Quantum Jumping. I know some of them have purchased the program as they call me to say how amazed they are with their own doppelgangers. This is such an easy program to find the answers you are looking for. I think I trust my doppelgangers the most instead of say angels or guides because I know and feel my doppelgangers are directly connected to me. Like they have a vested interest in me. I always visit the doppelgangers that have all the attributes I'm looking for. I never worry about getting misinformation. Quantum Jumping is the program I use the most. I always get the answers I need and I'm most comfortable with it. Of course, the bagha is an essential tool for all of his teachings and programs. Thank you so much, again, Burt.

Jacqueline Reichert,
Black Hills, SD
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