Exploring Mind Control Techniques: Quantum Jumping

mind control techniquesMind control might sound like a concept straight out of a science fiction movie. That is, when you hear the phrase “mind control,” you might be tempted to think of something along the lines of mass brainwashing or subconscious hypnosis. Actually, when we refer to mind control techniques, we’re talking about controlling your own mind. When you practise mind control you actively filter your own thoughts and build self-discipline through your will; you’re able to free yourself from the constant intrusion of defeating thoughts, worries, and fears. By controlling your mind you can end your search for inner peace, experience happiness, and overcome life’s obstacles.

The Foundation of Your Thoughts

mind control techniquesIt’s very simple to understand how the mind works. At the genetic level you have certain tendencies and predispositions, which might be bad or good. For example, some people are more likely than others to form addictions, as in the case of an addictive personality. You also undergo conditioning based on your experiences – that is, certain tendencies are the result of exposure to environmental stimuli. For instance, if you were repeatedly put down as a child you might never expect to receive praise as an adult.

Your mind is the result of both of these forces – your genes and your environment – working together. All of the thoughts that come into your head, whether they are good or bad, enabling or defeating, are products of your genes and your environment. With so much behind each and every thought that comes into your head, is it really possible to break out of self-defeating thought patterns? Or is overcoming one’s biological makeup and destroying conditioned ideas too huge a feat to accomplish?

Quantum Jumping is an exercise in advanced visualization. Through the use of this technique a person can learn to overcome what he or she has experienced in the past and break free of conditioned thought patterns. Quantum Jumping also addresses and resolves the natural tendencies we’re all born with – making it possible for people to strive for self-improvement. Amongst other mind control techniques, the Quantum Jumping method is an unparalleled personal growth tool.

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Accessing a Universal Store of Knowledge

mind control techniquesWhen you take a quantum leap – you move towards your own personal store of potential. Housed within you is a higher self, the best you possible. This person represents the culmination of all of your genes and all of your possible life experiences. Your potential is encapsulated in all of the possible decisions you could have made and all of the possible life events that could have ensued as a result. Housed in alternate universes are the physical manifestations of this idea: your twin-selves. They are you, as you might be if one thing in your life was different.

Since you have an infinite number of twin-selves, their potential is limitless. One of your twin-selves is a movie star, another is a successful entrepreneur, and still another is a helicopter pilot. Collectively, they have accomplished so much and as such they have a lot of knowledge to share with you. If you want to understand how to control your own thoughts and reach out for your own potential, you can access the information held by your twin-selves by taking a quantum leap.

Learning to control your own mind takes time and dedication, but the benefits are astounding. Mind control techniques have been proven to help people:

  • Mentally relax
  • Effectively cope with stressful life events
  • Use the power of their own intuition as a guide to making decisions
  • Eliminate negative thought patterns and shift towards positive emotions
  • Heal the body and the mind naturally
  • Find an inner source of inspiration and creativity
  • Acquire and retain new information
  • Get better sleep

Quantum Jumping is one very powerful way to experience mind control. All you need to do to implement this innovative technique in your life is to take some time to find out more.

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