How to Clear Your Mind: The Rhythm of Positive Living

clear your mind Have you ever been trying to work on – or even simply start – a project and feel you just can’t get started because you just can’t think straight?  Your mind is jumbled, cluttered with thoughts.  True, many of these thoughts might be associated with the project, but there can also be a seemingly endless list of other thoughts swimming through your brain that are not even remotely related.

Interestingly, when stymied as to getting something done at work, you realize the reason why you can’t get a good start is because your desk is so cluttered with stuff from other projects – as well as papers that need to hit the circular file we sometimes also refer to as the garbage can. Once you take the initiative and clear your desk an amazing thing happens – you can concentrate on the work you’re supposed to be doing.

If that doesn’t resonate with you – take an imaginary trip back in time to your teenage years.  Your parents have threatened to nail your bedroom door shut until you clean your room.  They swear that you must have to beat a path to your bed every night with a machete.  You bite the bullet and, despite your best efforts not to, when you’re finished it looks like some mythical Cleaning Fairy has paid you a visit.  Later that night it doesn’t seem as hard to crack open the books and get your homework done.

And a cluttered brain doesn’t just get in the way when it comes to getting some work done.  That steady stream of junk floating through your consciousness can ruin a hard won vacation – or a rare night out to catch dinner and a movie.

Our brains – our minds – are often just as filled with junk and clutter as a messy desktop or teenage bedroom.  As a matter-of-fact, some psychologists will tell you that a cluttered, messy environment mirrors your state of mind.  And, once again similar to that desk or bedroom, the “stuff” that clutters our minds is often literally garbage – negative thoughts and beliefs that make it difficult for us to focus and concentrate on achieving our desires and goals.  These thought patterns distract us to the extent where sometimes it may seem we spend our time like moths endlessly flitting from porch light to porch light.

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A clear mind is an energized mind

What a cluttered mind does for us is both create and sustain a high level of stress.  In turn, this stress has a tendency to feed on itself – energizing an even higher level of stress.  Just as clearing our desktops calms our environment and allows us to focus on our work, clearing our minds calms our spirit and allows us to focus on leading meaningful and purposeful lives.

how to clear your mindAn additional benefit of a cleared mind is that it energizes us.  More specifically, a clear mind frees up energy that we have been wasting on the negative thoughts and beliefs that don’t deserve the effort.  Years ago the National Science Foundation performed research that estimated we have at least 12,000 thoughts a day.  If we are up for 16 hours, that translates into 750 thoughts an hour.  If even just one-third of those thought/beliefs are negative or doubtful – those are some powerfully negative thoughts running our lives, to the tune of 4,000 “garbage” thoughts a day.

Once we have cleared our minds we can take what is now unused energy and put it where it belongs – manifesting our potential.  Certainly the benefits of clearing our mind is apparent – but just how is this done?

Certainly there are many techniques to assist us in clearing our minds.  Meditation is perhaps the best known method, and there are numerous different meditation techniques.  Visualization, when practiced correctly, is an incredibly powerful means to counteract negative thinking and beliefs.  However, one technique that doesn’t get too much press sounds kind of “crazy” – and that method is to talk to yourself.

It doesn’t sound as crazy when we realize that the negative thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world we live in are things we tell ourselves every day.  Remember, the National Science Foundation’s research indicates that we talk to ourselves an average of 12,000 times a day.

According to Shad Helmstetter Ph.D.’s book “The Self Talk Solution”, 77% of this self talk is negative.  Dr. Helmstetter further estimates that in the first 18 years of our lives we receive at least 148,000 “no’s” (negatives) versus about 4,000 “yes’s” (positives).  No wonder our minds are full of negative thoughts and beliefs – they were literally poured into our minds as children.   By the time we became adults most of us were professional negative self talkers.

The rhythm of a clear mind

The obvious method to clear our mind of the clutter resulting from negative self talk/beliefs is to replace it with positive self talk/beliefs.  Many people call this method “affirmations”.  According to Dr. Helmstetter the key is repetition.  This is very similar to the successful practice of visualization – it must be done consistently and often.

However, the most obvious downside to the notion of repetitive positive self talk is the challenge of speaking to ourselves in a positive manner as well as mustering up some positive beliefs about ourselves.  Quantum jumping techniques are an excellent adjunct to the self talk method for clearing the mind.

The QJ method allows us to mentally visit with a doppelganger self in another reality – a self whose self talk is already positive.  A self who already has positive beliefs about themselves.  While it is impossible for us to “become” this “other self” – we can learn from them and then take back with us that self’s positive frequency or, if you prefer, rhythm.

Quantum physics tells us that everything – including our thoughts (and beliefs) are ultimately waves that vibrate at different frequencies.  When we learn the rhythm of this positive wave frequency from our positive self talking quantum self, we can then set the lives we lead here and now to that beat.

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