Create Reality Using Your Thoughts – Scientifically Proven Methods

How Cutting-Edge Science Proves You Can Create Your Own Reality

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The solidity of our world seems indisputable, yet Quantum Physics has proved that our physical reality is nothing but a very elaborate mirage. A super-hologram of information. A matrix…

So how do we see, touch, feel, smell the things that surround us if none of it really exists?

The answer is that all physical matter is the result of a frequency. A frequency that if you alter, change or amplify in any way, you change your physical and current reality.

German physicist and founder of Quantum Theory, Max Planck,  said that “all matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Consciousness And Your Reality

Basically, the substance of the Universe, of your reality, is consciousness. There is an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness inside each one of us right at the source of thought, mind and matter. In other words,  consciousness is the programming language of the Universe and everywhere that consciousness explores with the expectation that something will be there, it also creates.

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So, to simplify… the act of exploration is the act of creation.

As Edward Cayce said, our every thought builds our reality. So we should be very careful about what we believe. Since reality is holographic, you help create it by believing it.

To change your current reality, all you need to do is change the frequency of your thoughts.

A way to do this is through a concept called Octave Programming. This concept is probably the MOST IMPORTANT process one must master to become a Quantum Jumper.

Let me explain the octave sequence.

An octave is usually looked at as a unit of 7, the 8th unit being an octave above the first. As example in music, the middle C note is an octave above the 8th note below it and an octave below the 8th note above it.

On the physical plane, music is identified by frequencies per second, known as hertz. Just as the brain exports frequencies, so does a piano, violin, trumpet, or any other instrument. Octaves double the frequency.

As example, if a note has a frequency of 400 hertz, the note an octave below it will have a frequency of 200 hertz, and by the same measurement, the unit above it will have a frequency of 800 hertz.

Going up the octave path and doubling the frequency and you will soon be unable to hear the sound as the human ear is not equipped to hear above 20,000 frequencies per second. The range of hearing for a healthy young person is from 20 hertz to 20,000. As one grows older the hearing deteriorates and a middle aged person will hear only frequencies below 12,000 per second.

As above, so below, as below, so above, is an ancient metaphysical axiom. When we look at the frequencies that the brain sends out we see that the attitude of the individual is the determining factor in setting the hertz value, and thus the octave of the thought. create your reality A person can speak or sing in different octaves and people all have a different speaking voice. As it is with musical vibrations, so it is with all physical vibrations, and so it is with mental vibrations as well. You can identify a person by the frequencies they export although you do not realize that’s one of the means of identification. What is not commonly realized is that people think in different frequencies and octaves as well.

A shy person as an example, has a frequency that encourages shyness while an outgoing person is working from a different frequency, a different octave so to speak.

When you are unhappy with your current reality, it is very often the case that you are operating from the wrong frequency.

Quantum Jumping will help you change your frequency to the right one.


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