Quantum Healing That Makes Sense for Body AND Mind – Energy Balancing for the New Millennium

When is the last time you had enough confidence in yourself – while giving up your idea that medication is the only answer for your illness – to heal yourself just with your thoughts? Most of us put our belief into the hands of our doctors, therapists and pharmaceutical engineers and our belief that what modern medicine can do for our back pain, migraines or asthma is the final word. But, contrary to what you may have heard or thought – it’s not. Quantum healing, which is the belief that the mind can heal the body is growing in popularity throughout the world and can help you to conquer your worst physical ailments.

quantum healing News flash: we have the ability to heal our body by the power of our mind, and it’s something people on every continent have been doing since the beginning of time. Native Americans have used the burning of sage to rid disease from their communities while prehistoric medicine has been used before the invention of writing occurred. Along the Nile in ancient Egypt in 2000 B.C., twelfth dynasty manuscripts were discovered, filled with thousands of remedies, formulas and cures for their illnesses. Disease in ancient cultures weren’t cured by a prescription – they used religious ceremonies in place of drugs to cure any ailment their people suffered from. Today, that same kind of belief that our mind can heal our body can and does take place.

Watch this video of Burt Goldman talking about healing

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Mystical Medicine Man or Common Sense? 

As ancient Greeks once depending solely on the laying of hands to heal, divine intervention and the healing power of their Gods, natural, holistic healing can allow us to reap the same benefits today. Some things have changed – for example, computers allow us to transmit information at the speed of light, cars and light bulbs give us the luxury we need for daily living and we have the option of flying rather than walking – human nature and our ability to overcome sickness through mind power is very real. Today we can rely on practical (and at the same time) mystical quantum healing when modern medicine just won’t cut it. We can apply a natural and healthy alternative for our bodies to overcome stress, anxiety, and the wear and tear of our bodies over time. How? By balancing our chakras, using Earth Energy and the guidance of energy healers to change our frequencies.

Connect to Earth and Heal 

connect to earthThe practice of connecting to the Earth’s energy can have a profound healing power for our disease and illnesses – the only problem is when we don’t take advantage of it. The idea behind Earth healing is that when we are connected to Mother Earth, we maintain balance. When we are balanced, we aren’t nearly as likely to experience stress and negative energy blockages that can create modern day illness and disease. Stand on the earth with your bare feet, soak up Earth’s natural resources and heal by literally grounding yourself on her bare soil. Sure, it may sound like something that your parent’s hippy friends would recommend, but there is evidence that it’s not some 1960’s after effect of the free love movement, but instead a very real healing practice that generates results.  Here’s how to do it.

  1. Take your shoes off and stand anywhere in nature where you have some peace and quiet. Notice where you weight fluctuates. Do you feel heavier in your head rather than your feet? Would it be easier to move from this spot?
  2. Begin your visualization. Close your eyes and imagine that you feet are connected to strong roots going down into the ground. Picture these strong, durable roots going deeper and deeper into the Earth until it reaches Earth’s core. As the roots extend into Earth’s core, so does your energy and so much that you and Earth aren’t separate but one. As the main part of this Earth grounding exercise, it’s important to take your time and concentrate on as many details as possible. For example, how do you feel after doing this centering exercise? Does your body feel any different?
  3. Do you feel more grounded and centered? Any time you feel anxiety or illness come on, practice this exercise. You may be surprised at how different your body feels, and the lack of symptoms you experience.

Chakra Healing or Bust!

quantum healing technique

Chakras of the human body

Our seven energy points in our body is no laughing matter. In fact, they are largely responsible for the real disease and stress we experience. Reoccurring headaches, bronchitis, chest pain, anxiety attacks, the inability to be intimate, how we communicate with others, infertility problems and even the occasional eye twitch can be triggered by an energy blockage. Whether we have problems with an open third eye, throat or crown chakra, we can control and fix the issue, all by means of chakra balancing. As one of the most powerful energy healing practices out there, chakra balancing allows you to recharge your energy battery, become more creative, happy and balanced.

Not sure why you’re always so fatigued, even after that third latte on a Saturday morning? Why you don’t feel personal satisfaction in your marriage anymore, but a lack of intimacy instead? If you want children desperately but the doctor keeps telling you’re not ovulating, or those migraines you get every December has you feeling blue, give chakra balancing a try. It’s natural, safe and one of the healthiest ways to heal your body and mind – free of harsh medications that can upset your stomach. The navel chakra is connected to our liver, digestive system and kidneys and when blocked, has the ability to produce many physical and emotional difficulties related to self esteem for us. Feeling lately like a pessimistic view of yourself and the world is leaving you deflated and detesting life? Then charge up you life by opening up this important chakra.

If you’re living intellectually and rationally instead of intuitively, you may need to unblock your third eye chakra. Known as the chakra that is responsible for our “sixth sense” perception, it’s a crucial one. We need balance, and can’t live our life making important decisions just logically. Check to see how in balance your third eye chakra is by sitting in a dark room, closing your eyes and roll them back to your forehead. If you see a light or glow in the shape of a circle then your third eye is in balance. If not, open up this chakra so you can make decisions in harmony, balance and the way a healthy mind and body should.


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