How To Manifest What You Want

So what is manifestation, and how can you use it in life? Basically, manifestation is the art of making things that you desire materialize. Much connected to the Law of Abundance, manifestation occurs when you place a desire, goal or wish and focus on it on a daily basis, until it eventually becomes real – or manifests itself.

What Can You Use Manifestation For?

You can use manifestation for basically anything! Because manifestation involves thinking of and materializing your intentions, you can indeed manifest or make material anything that you desire – be it internal such as physical or emotional health or external such as health, wealth family, relationships, school and work success. You can practice techniques that you can use in order to enhance your life and achieve your intentions, whether it be for yourself or even for others.

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Using Qi Gong for Manifestation

One way to manifest things is to make use of Qi Gong, which you can use for yourself, or with the presence of someone else. As a form of energy manipulation, Qi Gong is an excellent way to thrust energy to those who need it (or for yourself).

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Aside from thrusting energy to yourself or to someone else who is the recipient of your intention, you can also make use of a easy-to-do water technique which you can use to heal or manifest other things in your life. All you need to do is take a glass of water and hold it and think of your intention. As you hold the glass of water, you continue to think of your intention and channel it into the water. After that, you can either drink the water, or sprinkle it around you or on the person or thing which is the object of your intention.

Other Methods For Manifestation

Qi gong is not just the only method to manifest things.  Since manifestation is not a practice itself, but is just the act of making the things that you desire materialize – there are indeed other practices that you can use to make other things manifest. Some people meditate regularly, some people do other exercise such as affirmations and follow the Law of Attraction. There are different techniques that you can choose from for this.

Does It Really Work?

It’s important to note that techniques for manifestation are not “magic tricks” which are expected to work right away. It may work for some other people – and it may not work for others. For some, it may take more time or more effort for their intentions to manifest. Of course, it is also important that you continue with your efforts because if you do not see any changes during your first try – it does not mean that it won’t work eventually. What is important is that you learn to believe and erase your doubts first – because good things will never manifest if you continuously doubt yourself and if you doubt your ability to be able to make things manifest.

Watch this video on how to use Qi Gong for manifestation.

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