How to Attract Money: Engaging the Law of Attraction

how to attract moneyWhether laid off two years ago and still fighting to find employment, find yourself lying awake at night worrying how long your job is going to last, or anywhere in-between, we are all feeling the impact of today’s volatile financial status.  Governments to Grannies are all looking for ways to either make more money, protect their money, or make their money last longer.

Without doubt today’s economic instability impacts the relationship we have with money on both a collective as well as individual basis.  However, most people don’t think of money in terms of having a relationship with it.  We are more likely to think of it as an object that just happens to have value attached to it in order to be able to exchange it for other objects, services, or experiences that we need or desire to obtain.  In order to be in possession of money we do various things, such as exchange our labor for money, or invest our money in various types of accounts.

In other words, we engage in activities that attract money.  You, along with economists, financial institutions, philanthropic organizations, and your next door neighbor, are all trying to manipulate circumstances for the purpose of attracting money.  Attracting money is key to the ability to survive in the modern world, whether you live in a New York high rise, studio apartment, or on the street.

There is always an opportunity to attract money into your life

Most of us think of today’s economic crisis only in terms of the threat to society and individuals.  However, lurking within this seemingly toxic economic environment lays great opportunity – the chance to develop not only a new relationship with money itself, but to also develop more advanced methods for attracting money.

What we’re talking about here is not some sort of business opportunity or investment portfolio – although this radical approach can certainly increase profit margins and stock prices.  Anyone who has studied economics knows that there are certain “laws” that influence the health of the economy when applied.

Anyone connected to the media is well aware of the debate over which of these laws will work to fix our economy – attract more money.  However, there is one law that is rarely discussed within mainstream media or among economic experts.

And that is the Law of Attraction.

Does the law of attraction work?

Although there has been quite a bit of buzz about the law of attraction within popular culture (movies, books) – most governmental, academic, and business institutions do not propose implementing the law of attraction as a part of their plans for economic recovery.  After all, the law of attraction has no real science behind it.  Not so.  As a matter-of-fact it appears that science, especially within the disciplines of medicine and physics, are finding evidence in support of the existence of a “law of attraction”.

For example, neurological research has found evidence that the part of our brain that processes our “intentions” (for instance we set a goal to achieve a need or desire) with that part of the brain associated with taking action.  This is directly associated with methods for applying the law of attraction.  For instance, holding an image in our mind of what it is we seek to attract.  The science shows that this practice then engages the part of our brain that allows us to act – to do those things we need to do in order get what we want to attract.

Say you’ve lost your job and haven’t been able to find work.  You decide to open your own consulting business.  You hold the image in your mind that you are sitting in your new office and the phone is ringing off the hook.  This image then spurs you to take the actions necessary to manifest (make real) this image.

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Understanding the science of physics can attract money into your life

The science of physics, in particular quantum physics also supports the existence of a law of attraction operating in our lives.  Some quantum physicists are researching what is sometimes referred to as the “quantum brain”.  Previously our brains were thought to work along the same lines as a computer.  Very simply put, computers utilize algorithms to solve specific problems and perform specific functions.  While a computer can definitely work much more quickly than the human brain in many cases, a specific algorithm cannot solve more than one problem or perform more than one specific function at a time.

In other words, computers process things sequentially – one thing after another, and this is how scientists thought our brains worked.  However, new research shows that our brains are not processing in a sequential manner.  Our brains actually behave in a quantum manner, in other words, the same way that a quantum wave function, or QWF (pronounced “qwiff”), does.

In order to wrap our quantum brains around this idea, it is helpful for us non-physicists to understand what a QWF is – which is pretty mind boggling.  It is very complex, but can be broken down fairly simply:

  • Everything in the universe is energy – including matter (including you)
  • Matter is made up of particles
  • Energy takes the form of a wave and has a specific frequency
  • Unlike waves repel each other
  • Like waves attract like waves
  • When like waves “cohere” (come together) they create (manifest) the next, or new, reality

So, how does knowing that you have a quantum brain and that you are made of QWF’s help you to attract money?  Remember holding an intention activates the part of your quantum brain associated with action.  Remember your brain can process many things simultaneously.  On top of that, all of your intentions are running around looking for like intentions to cohere to and, when they do, manifest a new reality.

Doesn’t it make sense to hold intensions of what you desire to attract (money) thereby allowing the QWF’s running around in your brain to find a like intention and cohere, thereby allowing more money to manifest in your life?

It most definitely does because, when you do so, you are applying the law of attraction.

How your relationship with money impacts attracting money

how to attract moneyHowever, our relationship with money cannot be overlooked in this process.  Many of us have tried to initiate the law of attraction unsuccessfully and it is likely that our relationship – our emotional response – to money is the culprit.  If we have strong belief (intention) that money is scarce, that thought is a QWF.  And that QWF is running around our quantum brain looking for like QWFs – when it does, the reality that money is scarce is manifested.

We can also not forget that the quantum brain does not act sequentially.  This means that you could simultaneously be attracting “less/more” money into your life because your brain QWFs include those looking for QWFs that “think” money is scarce along with QWFs with the intention to attract money.  And, as we all know now, this can lead to a very unstable financial picture.

Applying the law of attraction involves honing our thoughts down to those intentions, those desires, those goals, we specifically seek to manifest.  If you don’t think you can do this quantum physics once again comes to the rescue.  Because particles (which take the form of QWFs) can exist in more than one place at a time, and because when like QWFs cohere they manifest another reality – this means that in an alternate reality there is another you who is already doing this and attracting money into their lives.

More important is that the techniques and methods of Quantum Jumping are how to access this “other self’s” ability apply the law of attraction successfully.

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