Welcome to the Infinite You.

You can probably imagine the looks I get when I describe Quantum Jumping to people: it’s a technique for ‘jumping’ into alternate universes, meeting alternate versions of yourself, and using their wisdom and skills to live your ideal life.

But at its core, Quantum Jumping is simply an advanced visualization exercise. You’re tapping into your subconscious mind, where are infinite number of realities and possibilities are waiting to be discovered. Anything that can be, is.

I invented Quantum Jumping about 31 years ago, after spending decades studying meditation, yoga, hypnosis, and a variety of other spiritual and metaphysical disciplines.

In this time Quantum Jumping has changed my life. I’ve visited a universe where I’m a talented singer. One where I’m a published photographer. One where I can paint exquisite oil paintings.

The result? In the space of a few years, I’ve gained the inspiration to learn how to paint, take pictures, sing, write multiple novels, even start a multi-million dollar online business—from scratch. All just before my 80th birthday no less.



In December 2008, I decided to share Quantum Jumping with the world. In a little over two years, over 180,000 people across the world have used it to get ahead in their careers, enrich their relationships, learn new skills and even improve their wellbeing.

Today, Quantum Jumping is a global personal growth movement with a passionate community of practitioners known as Quantum Jumpers.

We Quantum Jump regularly. We grow together. We support each other’s goals. And if you’re ready for the ride of your life, you can join us by signing up for the free Quantum Jumping Introductory Course, or trying the Quantum Jumping Home Training Program.

See You In Another Universe!

Burt Goldman

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