“The Most Advanced Creative Visualization Technique Ever Created”

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Quantum Jumping is a meditation and visualization technique created by Burt Goldman. With over 40,000 students worldwide, it is one of the most powerful mind power development programs available on the planet today.

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Meet Burt Goldman

Burt, known affectionately as “The American Monk” is in his late 80’s and has 50 years of experience in the human potential movement. He has studied under the greats like Jose Silva and Yogananda. And there’s a reason he has 90,000 fans on Facebook.
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Customer Reviews

Our student’s results speak for themselves. From creating inspired works of art and music to finding new ways to grow a business and attract money, Quantum Jumping students love this program. Here are some of the letters we’ve received from our thousands of graduates.


Quantum Jumping Download

Get the free Quantum Jumping demo. Our free program has been downloaded over 800,000 times. In this mini-course, you’ll learn about Quantum Jumping and get to experience a ‘jump’ into a past self version of you that might hold the key to unlocking a major block you’re facing in your current life. Check it out. Experience Quantum Jumping free here »


What is Quantum Jumping

Get the full story behind Quantum Jumping and how Burt stumbled upon the technique and used it to become a recognized artist, photographer and more – all in his 80s. This section also features a short documentary film on Quantum Jumping and some interviews with graduates who have gotten amazing results from the program.
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Proudly Published by Mindvalley

It took Burt 3 years to get Quantum Jumping published. Every publisher said no, including Mindvalley. Until their founder tried it out himself. Now we’re proud to have Quantum Jumping part of the Mindvalley personal growth catalogue and it was also the #1 best-selling program on the catalogue in 2011. Learn more about this award winning publishing company that stands behind Quantum Jumping »


Heroic Customer Support

Thanks to Mindvalley, Quantum Jumping is now hosted on the Mindvalley Academy, one of the top platforms for delivering online training. You also get epic customer support that is ranked in the top 2% of all companies using NiceReply.com for evaluating support agents. Learn more about our.
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Quantum Jumping Course

Join 40,000 graduates and growing. Get the Quantum Jumping program and start applying it in your life immediately. What area of your life will you chose to enhance? What limitations will you smash through? And more importantly – how will you leave a mark on the world and do the amazing things you were born for?
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